Don’t Panic! Some head lice FAQ:

Can head lice spread disease?
No. A head lice infection is not a life threatening health condition – like similar health conditions such scabies, and ringworm, it is a parent or guardian’s responsibility to treat and care for their child.

Do head lice live in carpets, clothes, hats or sheets?
No. Head lice very rarely fall from the head. They require blood to survive. Head lice feed 3-4 times a day and without blood, will dehydrate in 6 hours in a dry climate and 24 hours in a humid climate. An egg requires warmth to hatch and is the reason why they are laid close to the scalp. The further away from the scalp, the less likely they are to survive.

What should I wash or treat at home?
As head lice only live for a short time off the head, the only extra cleaning needed is to wash the pillowslip on the hot cycle or place in clothes dryer. Head lice combs can be cleaned in water hotter than 60 degrees C.

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